IMCO/JURI Vote on Digital Content Proposal: a mixed outcome

On November 21st, the European Parliament JURI and IMCO Committees voted on the report from MEPs Axel Voss and Evelyn Gebhardt regarding the proposal for a Directive on contract rules for the supply of digital content.

While the report contains encouraging elements for the upcoming negotiations among co-legislators, the home appliance industry remains concerned about the regime proposed for embedded digital content in appliances.

CECED, representing the home appliance industry in Europe, acknowledges the efforts of the European Parliament in ensuring consistency between the new rules for the supply of digital content and the current 1999 regime, as well as the Tangible Goods Proposal. Said CECED Director-General, Paolo Falcioni: “The introduction of an harmonised limited period for the reversal of the burden of the proof period and a clear hierarchy of remedies demonstrate the Parliament’s ambitions for a coherent EU legislative framework for consumer protection”.

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