APPLiA's Digital Interviews: Taxonomy, greener investments for a more sustainable future

The third episode of APPLiA’s series of short digital interviews is now available. A word from our experts on some of the core topics for the industry in the EU scenario. This is time for Taxonomy.

In the context of the series of short digital interviews recently launched by APPLiA, the third episode features Candice Richaud, APPLiA Corporate Issues Manager, on EU Taxonomy.

To start, what is taxonomy? One of the most important enablers to the implementation of the EU Green Deal, taxonomy is a proposal put forward by the European Commission, to scale up sustainable investments. “Investors will grant financing to companies that do sustainable activities more easily,” explained Mrs Richaud. For this to happen, companies will have to meet several criteria and most importantly “contribute to at least one of the six environmental objectives set by the EU and fulfil some performance thresholds that are proper to the sector the company is active in,” she continued when asked by Paolo Falcioni, APPLiA Director General, on the functioning of this mechanism. 

As any economic sector, also the home appliance industry is covered by the taxonomy rules. To this extent and according to the upcoming delegated act on sustainable activities for climate change adaptation and mitigation objectives whose publication is foreseen for 2022, “a home appliance manufacturer that produces appliances falling in the highest two populated efficiency classes of the energy label can access financing more easily,” outlined Mrs Richaud. Such practice aims to create incentives for companies to opt for low-carbon technologies.

Following the APPLiA contribution to the first act for climate change, the sector now looks forward to the second act to confirm the industry’s readiness to advance a low-carbon economy and ultimately reach EU climate goals. 

This and much more in the APPLiA’s third digital interview, available at this link.