There are two types of membership: as a Direct (Company) Member or as a National Association.

The criteria to become a APPLiA Direct Member are:

  • to have a manufacturing operation (at least one factory) in Europe;
  • to have direct operations (presence in at least four European countries;
  • to be a member of the relevant APPLiA National Association in more than 50% of the countries in which the company has direct operations;
  • to subscribe to APPLiA’s statute’s, bylaws and all industry established agreements.
  • to sign the APPLiA Code of Conduct on Corporate Social Responsibility

The criteria to become a APPLiA National Association Member are:

the organisation must represent domestic appliance manufacturers or their representatives in one of the European Union member states or an EU candidate country, in a country of the European Economic

Area (EEA), or in a country that is negotiating accession to the EEA. In cases where more than one Association from a country are members, they form a single national delegation for that country.

Associations from other European countries can become associate members.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The APPLiA Code of Conduct on Corporate Social Responsibility responds to the desire to promote fair and sustainable standards for working conditions, social compliance and environmental performance.

Each APPLiA Direct Member yearly reports the actions it has undertaken to implement the principles of the APPLiA Code of Conduct inside its business and throughout supply chain.

For more information on how to become a APPLiA member, please contact Secretariat.